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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

Your business needs are unique, don’t settle for status quo. Take a major step toward a more profitable and sustainable future by investing in commercial solar power for your business or development.

Real Businesses. Real Power. Real Difference.

See how solar is transforming businesses across the region.

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Installation

Cost + Energy Savings

By harnessing natural sources of energy through solar, you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 80%, making a huge impact on your bottom line and ensuring an impactful return on investment. Through performance guarantees, tax break incentives, and service and maintenance packages, solar can increase your property value and provide substantial financial benefits.

One-stop Shop

From the initial consultation on new installations to service and maintenance on your existing panels, we strive to be your energy partner by assessing your energy needs for today and preparing you for the future.

Customized For You

We provide solar panel systems that makes sense for your business and financial needs. We have financing options that work for every type of business, from solar panels and solar lighting to energy storage and contract work.

Become an Energy Saving Business

In addition to financial benefits, solar will also make your building more appealing to prospective tenants, employees and customers. Decreasing your property’s carbon footprint holds more impor- tance now than ever, positioning you as an energy saving business with unique environmental perks.

Our Partners

Solar for Real Estate Development

 When you partner with SunSmart, you gain a partner in clean, reliable solar energy that has the power to transform your community.

Reach out to our team to see how you can leverage incentives with your next development project.

Solar for Real Estate Development

Make sure your employees and customers have a place to park their electric vehicles. SunSmart now has EV charging and parking lot solar capabilities.

Commercial Solar Project

Top-notch Solar Service

We offer a wide range of services to support your solar energy journey, whether you’re an existing SunSmart customer or not.

From panel cleaning and system upgrades to productivity monitoring and equipment health checks, we can help.

Client Testimonials

“SunSmart is my go-to for renewable energy, from electric vehicle charges to full solar systems. SunSmart provides multiple, diverse energy solutions for my home and business. We look forward to future projects with SunSmart!”

– John K.

"Sunsmart knows solar! Better yet, they were able to speak to me in ways that made sense. The complicated became simple. The installation process went without a hitch. I am a happy camper!":

– Anita M.

"Sunsmart has been amazing with setting up my solar panels twice! They made sure that I knew the advantages as well as the costs of the system. When everyone else is paying over $400 for electricity, we are paying next to nothing! Best decision we've made as an investment into our home!"

Josh E.

Featured Commercial Solar Projects