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The SunSmart Story

Energy freedom means living unchained from the utility monopoly. It’s about rejecting the status quo and reclaiming independence. It’s self-reliance and sustainability—a simple (and sensible) solution straight from the sun.

Founded in 2012 and serving the Midwest, SunSmart Technologies is more than solar—we’re an energy company working to reshape how we all think about power. We work as a partner with commercial, industrial and residential customers to save money while we also help the planet. From design and engineering to installation, our start-to-finish service built on the latest technology untethers you from oppressive energy prices. Our passion for solar and knowledge of the industry allows you to leverage our experience as well as available rebates and incentives, and an online monitoring system means you can track your energy savings in real time.

No other option? No longer. Unplug from the unsustainable, and connect with a smarter choice, delivered by responsive and professional experts. Freed from limits and full of possibility—it’s how energy was meant to be.






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SunSmart Founded

Karlo Meave, Owner

Owner Karlo Meave got hooked on solar even while he was still a student at Arizona State University in 2006, studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy. After working for a residential solar developer in Arizona and California, he worked his way up as an engineer and eventually began running the teams. However, he dreamed of creating his own turnkey solar company, but the Southwest region was saturated with similar companies. After touring Kansas City, he recognized an opportunity, and in 2012, he founded SunSmart Technologies from his new home in Kansas City. Today, the company is a design-build firm providing solar power solutions for both commercial and residential customers.