Service & Maintenance

What We Offer

Solar panels are incredibly reliable and durable, and typically last 25 to 30 years with very little maintenance. However, just as with any piece of technology, there is a level of monitoring and maintenance involved to guarantee peak efficiency. Whether you have a SunSmart installed system or not, our service team understands that your solar needs go beyond initial installation and we’re prepared to assess your unique situation and make recommendations.

We’re here to serve you, whether you’re a SunSmart customer or not.

Energy Monitoring System

Do you have an older system installed by someone else? No problem! We can install a custom, online energy monitoring system that will allow you to track your energy savings in real-time from any Web-enabled device.

Troubleshooting & Optimization

One of the benefits of solar energy is cost savings. When our clients aren’t seeing the ROI, our service team is there to assess your system and ensure you’re reaping the benefits of solar, making repairs as needed to keep your system healthy.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Dust and debris can block sunlight and decrease panel efficiency. While panels are protected from most damage with a special defensive coating, leaves and small branches from nearby trees can potentially scratch the glass on the panel, so it’s important to address any major debris as soon as you notice it.

To avoid danger to yourself and the risk of damaging your system, call on our trained solar professionals for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Our technicians have the proper training and equipment to safely navigate your system, identify any potential obstructions or make any repairs before they become a larger issue.

Reinstallations & Upgrades

If you’ve moved to a new residence, installed a new roof, or are dealing with intense weather damage, we can help relocate or rebuild your solar system, from uninstallation to planning ways to maximize your surface area and execution.

Our add-on services are available to new and existing SunSmart customers, further protecting your system through critter guards, inverter enhancements, extra storage and panel refurbishing.

Client Testimonials

"Sunsmart knows solar! Better yet, they were able to speak to me in ways that made sense. The complicated became simple. The installation process went without a hitch. I am a happy camper!":

– Anita M.

"Sunsmart has been amazing with setting up my solar panels twice! They made sure that I knew the advantages as well as the costs of the system. When everyone else is paying over $400 for electricity, we are paying next to nothing! Best decision we've made as an investment into our home!"

Josh E.

“SunSmart is my go-to for renewable energy, from electric vehicle charges to full solar systems. SunSmart provides multiple, diverse energy solutions for my home and business. We look forward to future projects with SunSmart!”

– John K.