Does solar really reduce your energy bill? You bet.

Look at these bills from actual Sunsmart customers. You can get HUGE savings from solar whether it’s for your home or business.
“My KCPL bill went down almost 80%, saved me $704 for February versus February last year. Yeahhh!” – Mark Comfort Cruise Holidays

Not only that, solar is CLEAN energy. That means you harness the energy from the sun, not coal like conventional power and utility companies.

When you go solar with Sunsmart, you be saving money and you will be saving the planet. What’s not to love about that?


Have you been avoiding solar because of the up-front cost? Sunsmart has affordable solutions for everyone!

Financing options to meet every need!

We’ve been recognized as a sound investment by many local lending institutions. This means that financing your Sunsmart Solar System will be easy!

How easy? Call 816-298-7619 or send us an email. We’d be happy to work with your bank or credit union! We can also offer Sunsmart loans with great interest rates.

Enjoy the savings now!

After your solar system is up and running, you’ll get a huge tax credit. You can use this credit to offset your income tax or you can apply it to your solar system loan. If you finance your system, you’ll find that your monthly payment is much less than your current electric bill!


As soon as you request a free consultation, we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. A friendly Sunsmart energy consultant will come to your property and review your energy bills.
  2. Your consultant will size your solar system and give you a same-day price.
  3. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll do every part of your installation. Including all of the permit applications and the rebate paperwork. We’re a turnkey company, which means that you won’t have to find another company to handle work that we don’t.
  4. Sunsmart will be your:
    • energy consultant
    • your general contractor
    • your engineer
    • your installer
    • your roofer
    • even your electrician.
  5. And, since no one wants to live with a mess, we’ll give your job site a thorough cleanup at the end of each work day!


Live in Missouri? We’d like to show you some great solar incentives!

No matter where you live in Missouri, there’s a 30% federal tax credit that you can use to offset the cost of your solar project. We’d be happy to help you apply for this credit. To get the process rolling, call 816-298-7619 or send us an email.

Is your business located in Missouri? There are large depreciation incentives that are available right now! We’ll help you with every step of the application process. Get started now with one simple phone call – 816-298-7619. Or send us a message.

Utility rebates still available

Some utilities in Missouri still have solar rebates available. Are you within the eligible territory? Give us a call at 816-298-7619 or contact us online. If you’re eligible, we’ll get the application started for you.

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